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I have loved to paint since I was young but did not have any art classes from from elementary years through my doctoral work. This is the reason I advocate for arts in school and the availability of after school programs and other opportunities for kids and adults.

My first art experience with instruction was at the Arts Student League in Denver which is one of 3 cities which has one of these schools . I spent  many years taking classes  from artists in the school and later took private lessons with some of them.

I have belonged in guilds in Orange Park and Jacksonville. My new experiences are with artists at OLLI  which provided me an opportunity to meet Maureen  Kirchner who is wonderful with color. She supported my efforts in creating the painting for my first picture book. I will continue in any courses she offers.

I believe in promoting the arts and have offered workshops for students and adults. It is my way of playing it forward.

My paintings are for sale and my costs include the materials and shipping. I wish for people to have originals in their homes and offices or to give as gifts.

I enjoy creating images and love colors and more impressionistic forms.   My best themes are nature and still life. I can paint on tables, squares, or boxed canvas which eliminates framing.

Painting is fun for me and please contact me if you see something you like on my website.

I will create something you choose.  Provide an image as an attachment
And we can discuss size, color, and costs.
Shipping  costs and taxes are added with no refunds.

Contact me in email [email protected]
We can determine a time to talk in detail.