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Writings and Art by Elaine Omann

Elaine Omann grew up in St. Stephen, Minnesota, a small community, which was the first Slovenian Community in America. Her home was located adjacent to a woods which was part of the church grounds and called “The Priest’s Woods” by locals. As a child, she often used the path through the woods to get to the school.

She completed her B.S. Degree in Education, became a teacher, and taught for 30 years in public schools. She continued on with her Master’s Degree and later completed her Doctoral requirements. She has continued developing skills in writing and literature through Life Long Learning at the University of North Florida.

Currently, Elaine is a free-lance writer for the Florida Newsline publication and an instructor for proposed courses with the University of North Florida Continuing Education Department.

Elaine developed her art with individual and group lessons from practicing artists in Colorado and at the Art Student League of Denver. Most recently, Maureen Kirchner at the University of North Florida has influenced her work with expertise in color and design.

“Elaine Omann, educator, artist, and storyteller, insightfully reveals the memorable childhood discovery of beauty in nature.”

—Helen Ames, Educator

“Reading about different people, times, places, and environments, and the creative use of visual arts to depict remembrances are both useful tools for teachers. Hepaticas: A Secret in the Woods is a lovely book that can be used in the classroom to promote discussion and interpretation.”

—Dena Meyerhoff, educator, elementary and middle grades

“Hepaticas: A Secret in the Woods is a delightful way for parents, grandparents, and guardians to use literature to open a window on family dynamics and values and to encourage children to interpret their own. With fresh and beautiful paintings, the author uses her art to visually show her home and family.”

—Tara Provini, family social services professional

“You’ll adore Elaine Omann’s charming story. It leads us from familiar surroundings to less known places and encourages children to explore and discover. The beautiful paintings illustrating the heartwarming remembrance of Hepaticas: A Secret in the Woods, are a wonderful bonus.”

—Frances Keiser, Author and Master Naturalist


A young girl in Minnesota lives in a country house with a barn, chickens, outhouse, and flower and vegetable gardens. She discovers a place she wants to share with her family: Mom, Dad in a wheelchair, brothers, and sister, but no one cares to walk down the path to see where the wildflowers bloom. They want to play with the swing, wagon, or cat.

This is Elaine’s first book. It reflects a childhood experience in the wooded area where the wildflowers and natural environments have influenced her paintings.

A second book published by Red Wagon Road is forthcoming.

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As a teacher for over 45 years in various capacities, my experiences in teaching and learning have been supported by an integrated arts philosophy. It is how I learn best and this is applied to my teaching.

Self expression through the arts is crucial to sharing with others what we know and what we may feel about our world.

I have designed lesson or experiences based on this philosophy to support the paintings which were created to illustrate this book. Located in back these are number and the activities will correspond.

Each idea can be adjusted to meet individual needs. The first lesson is complimentary and the remainder will include a cost $3.00 each.

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